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My Blog - Keeping Corbyn Out

It's not that often I blog about politics but at the moment I am staring at possibly my last ten days as a Labour Party member.

It's looking more and more likely that Labour will elect the extreme left winger and protester Jeremy Corbyn as it's new leader. And it's a scenario that could force me to quit the party that I love.

I joined Labour in 2006. Jeremy Corbyn wants to completely change the party that I joined. It's going to be like watching Kylie turn to rap. It's going to be heart breaking to see this wonderful party destroyed. It's been bad enough seeing the polls slip so much since the General Election. The Tories being around ten poins ahead. It's gut wrenching, akin to Erasure splitting up or Kylie falling out of the top 40. A Corbyn run Labour is not the party that I joined.

It was obvious in 2012 that we'd made a mistake electing Ed Miliband as it's leader. I voted for him as my first preference over his brother David and it was possibly the worst mistake of my life. It's one that has haunted me ever since. Slowly but surely Ed pushed the Labour more and more to the left.

I joined a centrist party that was serious about Government, making our lives better and keeping the Tories out of power. By the time Ed stood down, Labour was still vaguely in the centre ground of politics but teetering over the edge of a cliff falling into hardcore left wing politics.

I am only thirty. I was born midway through Margaret Thatcher's second term of power in 1985 and by the time I had reached adulthood in 2003 Labour was midway through their second term.

I've heard the stories about how Thatcher's Tory government decimated the Deeside industry. The person chiefly to blame isn't Margaret Thatcher but it was Michael Foot. His extreme left wing policies and leadershop meant Labour was unelecatble. Sure they filled out how venues with rousing rallies and protests and marched regularly but when it came to the vote - people voted Tory. Labour were seen as a 'Protest Party'.

And that's exactly what I've seen with Jeremy Corbyn. Packed out halls and rousing rallies! It's 1983 all over again! I agree with a fair bit of what he says, don't get me wrong. If money was no object his policies would see a new golden age for Britain. But we can't just print money, look what happened in Greece. It'd happen here too under a Corbyn led Labour Government. I wish I could just print out money to buy things. I can't and nor should Jeremy Corbyn.

Winning in 2020 has to be Labour's top priority and the three other candidates all have the ability to lead us to that victory. Liz Kendall is the one most feared by the Tories. She firmly occupies the centre of the politics. And I got a hug from her so I'd love to say one day the Prime Minister hugegd me! Andy Burnham is a solid chap, slightly left of centre but a down to earth chap who the public will relate to. He also would have Jeremy Corbyn in his shadow cabinet - deserving. I may not like the sound of his voice, but he has brought the debates alive.

However the one leadership candidate I think is best placed to win for us is Yvette Cooper. She has that same down to earth charm that Andy has. And her policies are not only sensible but they are ones the public on a whole will warm to. She genuinely will become the first female Labour Leader and then subquently Prime Minister.

The only thing is, will she lead us from September or will she have to, in the immortal words of Erasure "pick up the pieces of a broken dream" and rebuild the Labour party like the late great John Smith and the Blair/Brown/Campbell/Mandelson quartet?

We need to get Yvette elected as our leader on September 12th. We can't afford even six months under Jeremy Corbyn, the man barely no Labour MP wants as leader to become leader. Even some of his backers don't want him and only backed him to 'broaden the debate'.

Yvette Cooper was nominated by the MPs who actually believed in her. People like David Hanson MP and also she's being backed by our own MP, Mark Tami. So here's a rallying cry to every Labour registered supporter in Flintshire, every Labour member in Flintshire and every town and county council. Let's not look a pipe dream. Let's be serious in taking the power from the Tories in 2020. Yvette Cooper is the only candidate who can bring fear into David Cameron and we want him to be fearful of Labour from September 12th.

Steven - 03/09/2015
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The only person who can lead us to victory in 2020