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My Blog - Why the Daily Mail was wrong

I'm not overly political these days as most people know but the current news of the antics of the Daily Mail publishing that Ed Miliband's father gated Britain has compelled me to actually speak out.

I've not been a huge fan of Ed's leadership skills - he strikes me as the kind of leader who has lots of short term ideas and fixes but nothing that will improve the quality of life in the UK for the long term. On Facebook the other week I remarked that he 'couldn't run a whelk store in Whelkland in the height of the whelking season' (credit to that goes to James May's Man Lab for the the quote!) even though I think he is one of the nicest politicians I have ever met. He was so nice to me the two times I met him and also supplied me with a signed portrait. Can't fault him as a human being.

I also am an avid Daily Mail reader. I think it's a brilliant newspaper. None of this gossip style reporting but good old fashioned journalism. The Sun is a terrible paper and I have never forgiven the Mirror for lying about Kylie saying she was quitting music. Shoddy journalism.

I opened the Mail on Saturday morning and was horrified by what I read. According to them Ed Miliband's father Ralph, who died in 1994, hated Britain.

Their source was a diary that Ralph Miliband had wrote when he was 17. How can they, as talented and highly paid journalists, make the assumption that someone hates Britain because he wrote of his suspicisons of this country when he was so young.

I myself have cursed many times: "Goodness I absolutely hate Britain. I wish I lived in Spain." Do I actually hate my country? No. And I am sure many people have said that same thing.

The Daily Mail knew full well that Ralph wasn't alive to defend himself. They have been against Ed since day one. This is their attempt to unsettle him and bring the Labour Party crashing down. The opinion polls show that Labour are so far the clear winners of the Conference season.

Their deputy editor went on Newsnight earlier this week to argue his paper's defence and he was so hateful it was unbelieveable. Alistair Campbell who was on the videoscreen anniliahated him. And good on him.

And also kudos to David Cameron and Nick Clegg for supporting Ed through their words. They could have stuck the knife in futher but they were statesman like and did not. All credit to them both.

It's time for the Daily Mail to finally admit they were wrong. They should not have attacked Ed's father in such a way. I think they did because of his father's extreme left wing views and the fact that Ed constantly credits his father in his speeches. The Daily Mail should take their aim at the lack of viable policies from Ed not his deceased family.

Steven - 03/10/2013
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