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My Blog - Back at College

So the time has come. It’s assignment time for the first time since my final lot of university assessments back in 2008, but this time I feel much more positive.

I’m back in my comfort zone doing web design at Deeside College. The course has gone really well. I have learnt so much. I’ve designed websites for years – the first version of this site came back in early 2002 when I did the BTEC National Diploma in computing here at Deeside. Mike Bowes, Sam Dentith and Andy Lindop will remember the old site as they loved the old guestbook. They were delighted when I added it to my new site when I decided to re-launch it last month.

We’d just been set a task in class to design a personal profile page and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to re-launch my old website. Unlike the old version which was black in design and had heavy use of frames and tables and was full of ‘copyrighted’ sound clips from my favourite TV programmes I am proud this new version is much more original. Rather than upload things myself and face the wrath of the copyright police I have linked to them on, say, YouTube.

I’m glad I incorporated some of the most popular features of my old site such as the hilarious interview. I can’t remember where I found the template but most of the questions were written by me. And yes, Evil Jamie is still evil!

I’m currently sitting in the same classroom (G9) where I started at Deeside College on September 10 2001 and it’s fair to say it’s been extensively refurbished. New PCs running on Windows 7 (Windows NT anyone?) are now installed. What I have loved about coming back to Deeside College is how lots of the staff that were here when I left in 2004 after my A-Levels are still here including the wonderful Shirley Minton, who I swear hasn’t aged an day.

Ann and Pam are still in the library (but in it’s new location called the Learning Zone not the MLC) and my Web Design tutor Neil Wickham informs me that Brian Lucas and Paul Newman are still in IT too. Gareth Okell is still here and so is Pat McQuirk. It’s sad though that John Moore and Sue Green have gone, they were the bedrock of my time during the A-Levels.

I’m definitely coming back in September to do Level 3 of web design and hopefully this site will then upgrade once again! But in the next couple of weeks keep your eyes peeled for my assessment site. It’s an F1 and BTCC photography portal site with the work I’ve done at Silverstone and Oulton Park.

Steven - 16/05/2012
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