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My Blog - Challenges Ahead

It’s been a busy month for me as I work through my ten week home study course. At the third out of three “Training for Transformation” events I chatted to a lady who in currently midway through the “Exploring Faith” course. This is the course I will be embarking on from September. Talking to someone about it made me a bit more relaxed as I’ve never been an overly academic person and the thought of essays puts shivers through me but she assured me that God will be with me every step of the way.

I must thank Robbie for sending me on these sessions along with Bill. The idea of the course is to enable Churches to work closer with the local community and this will be an invaluable tool for me if I make it through discernment and into ministry.

Holy Week this year will be an extremely busy one as this is the week when I will be shadowing Robbie closely. From Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday I will be seeing exactly what a Parish Vicar actually does and I’m rather excited about it. One of the things it says for me to do during that week in my “Here I Am, Send Me” course pack is to write a journal and next month I’ll be publishing my highlights here.

Steven - 18/03/2015
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