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My Blog - It's Better The Devil You, A Year of Concerts

2010 was a dull year if I'm honest when it came to live music. I went to a grand total of zero concerts. However I knew that 2011 would be better with both Kylie and Erasure performing that year. But little did I know that in the space of exactly one year from 4 April 2011 to 4 April 2012 I would attend FIVE concerts.

Kylie LiveThis incredible 365 days of live music began on April 4 2011 with Kylie's spectacular Aphrodite tour. Out of the five concerts I attended, this was by far the most epic and expensive! From the jets of water that erupted from the stage during Kylie's encore of All The Lovers to the huge camp mardi gras performance of my favourite Kylie hit, 'Better The Devil You Know' it was a concert I'll never forget.

Erasure LiveBut that wasn't the end of the live concerts as July 1st saw the return of Erasure live. I hadn't seen my favourite band since their Royal Albert Hall gig to end their Light of the End of the World tour back in September 2007. Nearly three years is way too long but they returned with a greatest hits tour deep in the English countryside. I even dragged Mum & Dad along - even though they do their embarrassing take on the 'Stop!' dance and when I mean embarrassing I mean embarrassing! Andy's voice was on top form all night. His voice was stronger that night than Kylie & Steps put together and multiplied by 10. It was his stint on ITV's Popstar to Operastar that had improved his voice. He only didn't win because he had combined his appearance with the Forest Tour - if he'd been given Ave Maria he's have walked it.

Erasure LiveBarely 4 months later, in October, it was time to see Erasure live again. The boys had brought out a new album entitled 'Tomorrow's World'. Even though there were a lot of extremely weak tracks on there and the album was not as consistant as 'Light At The End Of The World', the album strong points were all performed on their Tomorrow's World tour and with the epic opener Sono Luminus, it was a show I'll never forget. Being front row in Manchester was out of this world but it was my Cardiff experience that trumped it. Erasure's Andy Bell and meLodging with Tinks in Barry was superb as was the night of the concert, room sharing with the ever lovely Debra Cassar. But of course the highlight had to be Wendy Preece being sneaky and finding the stage door. Andy & Vince seemed genuinely pleased to see us and although we nearly got arrested I don't think a single one of us cared.

Steps LiveAnd exactly one year after Kylie's Aphrodite spectacular, I was back at another concert where ironically Better The Devil You Know was performed again. This time it was Steps that were performing and it was my first trip to the Liverpool Echo Arena. It was a great live show although it was obvious that some bits were mimed, but the accompanying TV show showed Claire had bronchitis so I'm not surprised she had to mime some of her vocals but it didn't detract from a great evening of dancing. With the news that day that I'd actually be fighting an election, that concert was a godsend for me. For two hours I forgot everything and had a good old dance.

And that's not the end of my concert run. In August Steps have announced they are playing at Deeside College's Northop Campus, barely 10 minutes drive away. I have booked my ticket and I'm umming and ahing about booking the Hit Factory Live because I think Kylie will be performing at it. Fingers crossed.

Steven - 21/05/2012
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