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My Blog - 2012: What a Year So Far!

Well 2012 has certainly been an eventful year so far and I'm not just talking about the endless wet weather we have endured over the summer months. I have become a councillor, gained a new really good friend and experienced another amazing Silverstone weekend. And of course for the first time since 2008 I am in a relationship!

The first two months were rather uneventful until the end of February. It was Welsh Labour Conference time and we were down in Cardiff. I don't mind admitting it was strange being in the city without seeing my Erasure gang and I did very much miss them. But my fellow delegate Shelly and I had a wicked time, despite the worries our hotel was a dump after reading the bad reviews about it on TripAdvisor. And I got on stage to speak to delegates and AMs about the problems of youths in Wales and namely Flint. The standing ovation I got was pretty spine tingling and I think even the Minister for Local Government & Communities Carl Sargeant was impressed with my improvised speech which was made up on the spot. And I think it's the first time a delegate has spoken at Conference wearing an Erasure 'Tomorrow's World' t-shirt!

March saw our works Christmas do, three months late! And that too was eventful as Steve our boss let me book the Labour Club DJ Shaun K for the disco. On the day however I had the shock of Shaun calling me telling me someone had dropped a speaker on his hard disc and he had to send someone else. I was gutted but also relieved as it looked like for an awful period we would have NO entertainment on our works do and Steve would have absolutely murdered me. I so wanted everyone I worked with to suffer my Kylie karaoke. Oh well, I am sure Mr Harrison will book Shaun K Entertainments for our next works do after it proved an almighty success, but are the Flint Crew ready for Shaun's rendition of Kingston Town complete with his rap?

Then came my new good friend Chantelle. She is the daughter of the greatest barmaid who ever lived, Sandra at the Labour Club. We have such a laugh it's unbelievable. One evening that sticks in my mind is when we had a Labour Celebratory Party in the Club after the County & Town elections and the majority of the night was spent in the bar with Chantelle feasting on the buffet! And of course since then we've spent many happy evenings in the Boathouse feasting on cheesy chips having a proper gossip. It's great to have friends like that and it's nice to add Chantelle to the elite list of my closest friends that includes Chris, Rhiannon & Rachel!

After the rather damp and miserable Spring, I held out hope that the Summer would be pretty awesome and it started out well when the Olympic Torch came through Connah's Quay and the whole town was out in celebration. I even expressed a wish on this very blog that the Silverstone weekend would be hot & sunny. It wasn't. The rain leading up to the event turned not only the campsite but the circuit too into a mudbath. The rain wasn't TOO bad. We only really got rained on during the Friday and the torrential downpour on Saturday that delayed qualifying didn't effect us as we were deep in the covered Becketts grandstand!

October is only a couple of days away now and I have something very nice to look forward to. I have a wonderful new girl in my life, Tanya. She really makes me laugh and she's such a joy to be with. I'm really looking forward to spending a lot of time with her over the next few months. :)

Steven - 24/09/2012
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