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My Blog - A Calling

In June 2013 I received a calling from God to enter the ministry. It was scary receiving such a call from God but it was something I couldn’t ignore. I immediately made an appointment to see Canon Paul in August to talk to him about what I’d experienced. It was rather nerve wracking sitting in his office in the vicarage, somewhere where I’d been many times before, talking to him about my calling. What would he say? His support was amazing and he urged me to go for it.

With Paul retiring less than a month later Bryn got me in touch with the Diocesan Director of Ordinands and I nervously began my journey on vocation. I decided to devote 2014 to St David’s Centenary and welcoming Robbie to his new post as Vicar in the parish before I fully embraced my calling.

The journey itself began fully in December when I attended the Diocesan Vocation Day with Bishop Gregory which itself led to me to a residential weekend at St Michael’s College where the Church in Wales trains its future priests. A few weeks before I went, I was extremely nervous when Robbie, before Eucharist at St David’s, brought me to the front before and announced to the congregation about my call and the 12-18 months of the pre-selection, known as the “discernment period” that I am now in.

The residential weekend started that process off and I met five other people who like me have had a calling from God. We spent two days looking at the call and how to interpret it. Being in a college environment for two days was quite a nerve wracking experience as I’ve never lived away from home before and this could well one day become my future. I am now midway through a ten week home study course followed by four weeks shadowing Robbie before I return to St Michael’s for a single study day.

I would like to thank everybody who has held me in their prayers since I began the journey and I am excited about the future but I most of all I must express gratitude to Robbie for his huge support to me as I work through discernment.

Steven - 20/02/2015
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