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My Blog - Why am I nicknamed March?

Today while I was at Welsh Labour Conference I had a tweet from Kev Kelly's fiancee's daughter Megs. She asked me: "STEVEN why do people call you march??"

I thought to myself, how can I explain in just 140 characters so I thought I'd answer her question with a blog post.

Erasure fans will know already but it all began in late 2001 when I got the Erasure album Wonderland. I had spent the years since 1995 when I became a fan slowly building up my collection. Obviously as a 10 year old in 1995 I couldn't just go out and buy individual albums I had to get them as birthday or Christmas presents.

Slowly but surely my collection grew. My favourite Erasure song was of course Love To Hate You as this was the song that was playing on LW Radio Atlantic 252 that fateful day when we were driving back from Plas Madoc and I'd had a row with my Mum and sister. That song spoke to me as no other song had done before. The Erasure magic had hit me.

Anyway I digress, back to the March thing. In 2001 I had my first job doing a paper round and also working a few hours at Sam's chippie and I saved up for another Erasure album, one that I hadn't yet had and this was my first actual Erasure purchase on my own so I was obviously very excited. It was walking to college one day listening to it on my personal CD player when one song hit me in the same way that Love To Hate You had hit back six years previously. It was an extended remix of a B-side to Oh L'amour and it was called March On Down The Line.

This now became MY Erasure song, it was so upbeat and cheery. The lyrics also were something special even though I'm not gay (something Biffo constantly tries to get me to admit!) - one line states 'I'm coming out this time'.

With the internet now growing one place to discuss my lovbe of Erasure were discussion forums as there were very few people I knew who liked their music. Places like Erasure.com, Erasure.org and eventually the Official EIS Forum became my second home. I chose for my screen name 'March On Down The Line', as it was my joint favourite Erasure song and Love To Hate You is too commonly known.

With forums your real name is never really known to begin off with and people aren't going to keep addressing me as 'March On Down The Line' and so people started abbreviating it as 'March' (or MODTL) and eventually that's where the nickname March came from.

It's been a special nickname over the past few years and it has stuck with the Erasure lot, even though they know my real name. In Manchester in 2011 before the Tomorrow's World tour when I went past the Apollo on the 192 bus I heard Debra shouting: "HERE'S MARCH!"

Steven (or March if you will!) - 25/03/2013
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