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My Blog - Sony Xperia T Review

In November I finally decided to replace my trusty old Sony Ericsson W995 when my two year contract with Orange came up for renewal. The old W995 was truly on her last legs and so I decided to start comparing new phones. Very quickly I had narrowed my choices down to the Apple iPhone 4S and the Sony Xperia T.

I'd never had an Apple product but I was seriously tempted with their 4S iPhone. The range of Apps really appealed to me. I'd had a Sony Ericsson phone since 2005 so obviously I looked at the new flagship smartphone and I couldn't see many cons to it apart from the inability to change the battery and the fact it was quite a big phone especially in comparison with the iPhone. With the iPhone I didn't like the limitations Apple imposed - music could only be imported through iTunes for example nor did it have an SD card socket - you only got the 16GB storage inbuilt and nothing else. With the Xperia T I was also impressed at the Android operating system.

I eventually decided that if "it ain't broke don't fix it" and stuck with Sony and went out and got the Xperia T. Straight away one of the cons I had with it was null and void as I did not find it too large and cumbersome. I was impressed with the superb HD screen it offered.

The Android operating immediately stood out for me. I was on the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android and I was impressed on first glance with the customisable home screens and that I could put apps on there along with widgets to make my life easier.

Sadly one negative I only discovered upon receipt of the phone is your phone background has to be a strange size as it stretches out over  the five home screens. I like a static image (normally of Kylie!) but ironically downloading the iPhone 5 app fixed the problem and I could set normal backgrounds with the app minimised.

Another problem which came to light two months after I got the phone was issues with the SD card where on random occasions (but regularly) the card would become 'unexpectedly removed' and needed re-inserting despite the fact it was still seated. It rectified itself after 3 or 4 days but it came back a month later and is still happening. After a Google search I have found that this is a common problem with Android phones, normally with Samsungs and that it more than likely a defective SD card so I can't really mark the phone down without first putting a new card in! As I type this, it's just done it again!

The Xperia T is a very responsive phone and does things straight away and it multi-tasks extremely well. The HD screen means watching 720p films and Kylie videos is an absolute joy (well when the SD card works anyway!)

The Walkman app, as you'd expect with Sony, is fantastic and it gives an amazing sound, especially when the included MH-750 earphones are used.

The camera is one of the phones strong points. It shoots in a maximum of 13 pixels and 11 pixels or less offers the choice of shooting in 16:9, great for getting more detail into photos. The video camera shoots in full 1080p HD and the quality is nothing short of fantastic. I'm very impressed.

The battery, as expected is the phones greatest weak point. I've been out today from 9am (it is now 1pm) and used the phone for Facebook, Twitter and other general apps and it is now at only 41%. The fact that Sony have sealed the battery in is a serious negative and means you have a carry a charger around with you and hope you find a charging point. It'll also render my phone useless for Silverstone as there is no power points in tents!

In conclusion I am happy I have stuck with Sony as the only serious problem is the SD card and Apple don't even offer that facility so either way I would have had a 16GB storage phone but I am hopeful that as it's a cheap card and that the phone isn't the guilty culprit. Think I need to invest in a more expensive class 10 SD card.

Edit: 14/02/2012: I bought a Kingston 2GB Micro SD card today to test the phone and happily I can report no faults whatsoever with that card meaning the one I bought from eBay is defective, at least it's not the phone! And today the phone upgraded to Android Jellybean meaning the phone is even more a delight than before.

My rating: 4/5

Steven - 13/02/2012
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