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The Steven Interview

Yes it's back - updated for 2017 :)

1. Name as it appears on your birth certificate: Steven David Tattum
2. Nickname in high school: Tattuus
3. Parent's names: Andy Bell & Kylie Minogue (honestly)
4. Number of candles on your last birthday cake: 31
5. Date that you regularly blow them out: 12th May
6. Height: 5'11
7. Eye colour: blue
8. Hair color: brownish
9. Favourite TV Show?: Fawlty Towers, Open All Hours, The Simpsons, Corrie, Only Fools & Horses, One Foot In The Grave, The Grand Tour
10. Tattoos: no
11. How much do you love your job: I designing websites :)
12. Hometown: Connah's Quay
13. Current residence: my house, Connah's Quay
14. Had your heart broken?: Yes
16. Been to Africa?: nope
17. Been toilet papering?: What in Pilko's name does that mean
19. Loved somebody so much it made you cry?: Nearly
20. Been in a car accident?: Yes
21. Croutons or Bacon Bits?: probably bacon - mmmm, bacon
22. Chips or fries?: Chippies from Sam's rule
23. Coke or Pepsi?: Pepsi (if I was fussy, I would say Pepsi Max)
24. 2 doors or 4 doors on a car?: 4
25. Sprite or 7UP?: Sprite or 7UP!? They taste the same!
26. What is your occupation?: Web-designer
26 B: What is you class name: Exploring Faith
26 C: What is your place of education?: In our church vestry!
27. Favorite Colour?: Blue
28. What do you sleep in?: pyjamas
29. Favorite Movie: A Night To Remember
30. Who is the weirdest person you have ever met: PILKO!
31. Do you hate anyone?: No-one, it is bad to have enemies
32. Favorite Word or Phrase: "What are you doing man?"
33. Favorite Toothpaste: Colgate
34. Favorite Restaurant: Pizza Hut
35. Favorite Drink: Coke and WKD and any types of fizzy drinks
36. Favorite Sport to Watch: F1
37. Who is the evilest person you have ever met?: Evil Jamie!
38. Favorite Sesame Street Character: Arnie
39. Disney or Warner Brothers?: Disney! I love Disney films!!
40. Favorite Fast Food Restaurant?: Pizza Hut
41. Colour of Bedroom Carpet: Beige - :(
42. How many times did you fail your driver's license?: Can't drive
43. Who is the last person you got e-mail from: Amazon
44. Have you ever been CONVICTED of a crime?: nope, me a good little boy
45. Which single store would you choose to max out your credit card in?: The F1 shop, but I only have a debit card!
46. What do you do most often when you are bored?: play on my computer
47. What friend lives the farthest away?: Sam in the USA
47b Who do I miss the most that lives the farthest away: Sam!
48. Most Annoying Thing: Mike Bowes when drunk!
49. Bedtime: about midnight
50. Who is a Bus Topology?: The No.10 to Chester!
51. Favorite Band(s) Right Now: Erasure & Steps
52. Adidas or Nike?: Adidas
53.If you could travel any place in the world, where would it be?: Silverstone
54. If you could pick any instrument to play, what would it be?: keyboard/synthesiser
55. Who would you spend eternity with, if you could pick right now?: Don't Know
56. Who will respond the fastest to this?: Gav Harriman
57. Who is the person least likely to send it back: Nicki Hogan
58. What time is it?: 23:55pm
59. Ideal Partners name: Holly
60. Location of ideal partner: Preferably near here
61. Do you smoke?: no
62. Does you ideal partner smoke: not at all
63. Who did you want the BTCC 2016?: Jason Plato
64. Who did you want to win the MotoGP 2016?: Casl Crutchlow
65. Who did you want to win the F1 title 2016?: Jenson Button
66. What is the OSI Model?: Something inside a computer?
67. Is Evil Jamie really evil?: YES!
68. Ever met a Goth?: Two, Loz and LJ

69. What were they like? Loz was funny and LJ is ace!
70. Who won the 1976 F1 championship?: James Hunt won it in Fuji, Japan when Niki Lauda retired
71. What is the worst shop ever?: Probably a boring womans clothes shop
72. How many no.1's have Erasure had?:
73. What is Slipknot?: Some kind of knot?
74. Is Michael Bowes messing with your computer: yeah, I said he was annoying
75. How much do you get paid monthly?: About £500 - £650
76. If you could kill anyone in the world who would it be?: no-one
77. What is the form factor of the motherboard?: ATX (I think)
78. What is 2 x 2?: 4, I'm not thick you know!
79. What do you think of Kylie?: What a silly question. Kylie, mmm
80. Favourite song?: Kylie's "Better The Devil You Know" at present
81. Tell us who you fancy: No-one at the present moment
82. What's your favourite thing?: My smart-phone
83. Who are your best friends?: Rhiannon, Rachie & Jess
84. Do you owe anyone any money?: No
85. What was it for: n/a
86. Were you upset when terrorists attacked New York and destroyed the World Trade Centre?: Yes, of course
87. Describe your ideal girl: She's of medium size, nice breasts, big smile, and most importantly warming personality
88. Favourite website?: Probably Facebook!
89. Who do you prefer? Teachers or lecturers: Both are OK
90. What did you get for Christmas?: My laptop :)
91. Who is 'The Almighty Pilko?: Andy Pilkington
92. Any sexy gals at McDonalds?: Not really!

93. Any juicy Morrisons gossip!?!?: Laura has purple hair
94. Back to F1, who do you want to win ithis year?: Lewis Hamilton
95. Reading any books?:
Sully: Miracle on the Hudson
96. Best looking pop star?: KYLIE! And Lisa Scott-Lee from Steps
97. Ever snogged someone?: Yes my ex girlfriend
98. What was your best job?: Working for Carl Sargeant
99. Where does Morrisons rate?: Somewhere in the middle
100. Have you got a message for the visitors of this website?: Let's do the timewarp again
101. Do you hate anyone who works with you?: Of course not!
102. Future wife?: I haven't thought that far ahead yet!